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FedEx Shipping at Your Desk

FedEXAre you aware that Midwest Laboratories Clients can now print shipping labels to ship samples from the convenience of their computer?

This program has only been active for a few months, but word is getting out more and more.

Once you log-in with your account on the Midwest Laboratories Home Page.

Under Shipping Options, look for the Print FedEx Shipping Labels link.

Once here, you just type in the weight of the package and print your FedEx delivery label, (piece of paper).

Tape your label to the outside of your package and take it to the nearest FedEx pickup location.

It really is that simple. Your shipping costs will be charged to your account. With Midwest Laboratories, you receive the same discounts that Midwest Laboratories receives. Your charges will be applied to your monthly invoice.

If you have questions, call and speak to a representative at Midwest Laboratories. 402-334-7770

photo credit: myJon via photopin cc

Soil Temps Continue to Stay Low

Check out the most current soil maps and see how soil temperatures have not moved over the last few weeks. It is making for a very late spring season in 2014. Have you noticed your grass is fighting to come up. It really has to do with soil ground temperatures. Hopefully, temperatures will go upContinue Reading

Egg Science

Want a change to coloring eggs? Check out this experiment which looks at “naked eggs”. See eggs in a whole new light. The experiment is really interesting and easy to setup. photo credit: I Believe I Can Fry via photopin cc

2014 Spring Soil Testing

This spring has seen a bumper year for soil sampling and soil testing. Many people are collecting soil samples in their yards, gardens and fields. Over the next few weeks, it appears the ground temperature will continue to get warment and hopefully temperatures will follow suit. It has been quite a winter to remember, recordContinue Reading

Cover Crops Explained

Cover crops are the new buzzward. Cover crops are not new, but the term is getting a lot of publicity because of its relationship with soil health. Many farmers use cover crops to add back nutrients to the soil after harvest. In addition, some cover crops like radishes can help aerate the ground to helpContinue Reading

Dirty Ice

You have to see this report. This is why many Packaged ICE Companies are certified through IPIA because it works with the FDA and recognizes ice a as food. At Midwest Laboratories, we work with many packaged ice companies to insure quality. Bacteria testing is a  part of this testing package. Check out this newsContinue Reading

Drought -Tolerant Seeds

Check out this video regarding drought tolerant corn. This might the choice of many growers to help minimize the risk of dry, drought conditions.

April Spring Lawn Update

This past weekend I broke down and mowed the lawn and applied a pre-emergent fertilizer. My hope was the rain forecasted for Sunday was going to happen. The 50% rain quickly broke up and the rain never came in our particular area. Wednesday, April 9, 22014 the temperature is supposed to hit 80 degrees inContinue Reading

Farming – Spring 2014

Check out this short video clip and learn a little more about the life of a farmer. Watch as a farmer plants soybeans on the same land that grew corn last year. It is always a good idea to know where our food comes from. I would venture to say that many people have neverContinue Reading

Food and GMOs

Check out this interview with Dr. Ruth MacDonald, professor and chair of the Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition at Iowa State University discuss the topic of GMOs and our national food supply. GMOs do not become incorporated in your body, it is safe. The takeaway should be that the science behind GMOs is strongContinue Reading