Fighting Bacteria in Hospitals

Robot cleans hospital roomCheck out how one hospital compliments its cleaning processes with a an ultra violent light device to zap bacteria.

This robotic device can get to areas more effectively than  conventional cleaning processes. It is an interesting story worth watching.

The price for the xenex device is close to $125,000.00 according to a Denver Post Article.

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Which Ball Park Has The Best Hot Dog

Hot Dog on a PlateCheck out this story of one individual who traveled to major league ball parks and minor league ball parks in search of the best hot dog.

It is quite a story and study which will be going to print in the very near future. He even came up with his own rating scale which not only examined the bun and hot dog, but the toppings, price and entire experience.

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Top 5 Summer Lawn Lessons Learned

5 Lessons Learned Summer LawnThis summer, I really challenged myself to make some changes and see if I could have a lawn that was thicker and greener.

Here are the top 5 lessons learned.

Water longer and fewer times a week.
I am down to watering my lawn once a week on Sunday. I have obviously increased the time to about 45 minutes on the larger areas like the front and back parts of my lawn to 20 minutes for the sides of my house. By watering longer, the water has been able to get soaked into the ground and has helped maintain enough moisture to combat the heat. Some weeks are hotter that other, but performing this task has helped me overall maintain a very green lawn.

Try to get in a fertilizer application during a cooler week of temperatures
The summer is really hard on yards and grass needs a little boost of nitrogen to help keep it green during the summer. I was able to put some fertilizer on during the first part of July and it has helped maintain a thick lawn for the summer.

Make sure the lawn is not cut too short. 
Make sure your lawn is not cut to short. If you do cut the lawn short, you will see more brown spots. I actually tested this theory and where I had cut the lawn shorter, I also saw more weeds because the thickness was not there.

Watch your mowing patterns
Try changing up your mowing patterns each time you mow. It will help keep your lawn from being matted down and it will actually enhance your thicker lawn. I usually change up the patterns on the front and back yard. My side areas are too narrow to create new patterns each time.

Apply your grub control in Late May, Early June time frame
Make sure you add some grub control earlier rather than later, especially if you have seen grubs in the past. You want to kill the eggs right away. In addition, you will also see thicker grass in areas that used to be havens for grubs.

Obviously the weather is always a factor and some summers are hotter than others, but by applying the techniques mentioned above, you should be able to see quite a substantial difference. In addition, it is always a good idea to test the soil if you are having issues with your lawn. Check out the lawn and garden test package.

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Bottled Water – Questions and Answers

Bottled WaterCheck out this question and answer page from Walmart regarding its purified drinking water product.

What is the shelf life of bottled water?

Due to differences in distribution and product rotation, there is no way determine the amount of shelf life remaining for a specific product that you purchase in our stores. We recommend using Great Value products by the best by date printed on the package to ensure quality.

How is the Great Value Purified Water purified?

Purified Drinking water is water that has been processed so that it’s TDS (total dissolved solid) is less than 10 PPM (parts per million) usually through reverse osmosis and/or distillation but sometimes deionization.

Is the water flouridated?

None of our Great Value Water contains fluoride in any of its variations (drinking water, spring water, distilled water, purified water, etc. The only product that Walmart currently carries that has fluoride in the water is the “Nursery Water” in 1 gallon size container. If fluoride is added to any product the information must be reflected on the label in the ingredient statement.

Some interesting answers to questions regarding bottled water. Are you aware that some bottled water is just repackaged municipal city water?  I talked about this topic in an earlier article. The point of this article is to give you some more information as to the “real” purity of bottled water. Check your own public water supply, does it have similar values. Is there a big difference between bottled water and tap water? Look for more information to come on this topic.

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Fall Soil Sampling

Check out this video and understand why fall soil sampling is the best time to take a soil sample and have your soil analyzed. In addition, check out the Midwest Laboratories Library which contains many resources regarding soil testing and soil sampling.

If you are looking at an app to help you with your soil sampling, check out this app.

If you are considering soil testing this fall, also check out the following document.

Finally, if you are looking at supplies, check out this article, Fall Soil Sampling Supplies.

Chicken McNuggets Process Line

Where do Chicken McNuggets come from?

The following video looks at the process from start to finish. It really is a very simple process. Many false accusations have claimed that Chicken McNuggets come from some sort of pink goop.

This could not be farther from the truth as you will see in this video presentation.

Urban Farming

Urban GardenCheck out this story out of St. Petersburg, Florida.

See what could be the first urban farm of its kind. As you watch this story, think to yourself, do you see this type of farming developing in other urban settings.

It may be a glimpse of what urban farming might look like in the future.

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