Story of Sweet Loren’s Cookies

Picture via Sweet Loren's Site

Swee Loren’s is an all natural baked goods cookie company that specializes in fresh and frozen cookie dough. Loren overcame cancer a few years ago and took on the challenge to bake an all-natural product which contained 100% whole grains, no refined sugar, dairy free and coconut oil.

In 2009, Loren entered a cooking contest and won first place. From there she decided to mass-produce her product on a national level.

Loren’s goal is to get her product into as many stores as possible.  A great story!!! Check out the Sweet Loren’s Website  too. Very informative! I dare you to watch the Cookie Video and not order something.  Also, check out the FAQ section for more information regarding natural ingredients and food quality.

I think this story is a great story of how Loren has taken her love of sweets to a new and healthier level. Check out the video and her website to learn more.



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One thought on “Story of Sweet Loren’s Cookies

  1. Does anyone do any fact checking anymore these days? I recently came across your article & went to buy some of this cookie dough. It absolutely DOES contain refined sugar & refined chocolate & it is NOT dairy-free. I think it’s very misleading to publish info like this & the company’s packaging is also misleading by saying No Dairy on the front of the box!! I will not be purchasing anything from this company now or in the future :(

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